Services Overview

Business Planning & Coaching

Growth and advisory services. Coaching and leadership advice. Intrabond works among others with great software companies, with the executives and non-executive boards. The work involves overview and advisory services as to the strategy, strategy execution, risks and reputation. In some cases the challenge faced included business line international operations, the direct and indirect channel business alliance partnerships and private equity investments. Cross border goods and capital flow agendas framed in revenue growth strategies are shortlisted in the portfolio of the firm's consulting and board directorship assignments.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Intrabond assists businesses and joint venture cooperatives in their marketing and sales. Lead generation includes not only more sales but addresses the strengthening of the level playing field and in a targeted manner to play the level playing field on behalf of clients. Listed companies and large family businesses require trusted relationships on board level and board j/v  representation. On behalf of the boards Intrabond joined multiple negotiation teams in M&A, particularly when governance, risk management and international exposure needed an international scope, timing and budget.

Featured Services


Additional Services: Organizational Dynamics

  • Intrabond Capital Board Dynamics Indicator

    BDI is a content-referenced test in which  test-statements are samples of board members individual and group dynamics behavior directly related to pre-defined criteria. BDI helps to create effective functional behavior-based boards.
  • Intrabond Capital Organizational Styles Indicator

    OSI is an instrument identifying managers' behavior styles in an organizational context.. This unique diagnostic tool improves the effectiveness of individuals and teams. As there are lots of ineffective teams, the tool assists to change this.