Business Ecosystems and Value Maximization

Customer relationship and co-creation

Intrabond Capital is business partner in co-creation initiatives, in sustainability and GRI reporting solutions, engaging stakeholders with interactive reports and greener product designs. In a SaaS and cloud-based architecture the firm plans, collaborates, designs, manages, audits and publishes annual ESG compliance reports.

Innovation Leadership

Join the firm's innovation leadership and board programs in various cities in the world. The programs are a commitment to governance excellence where one meets top international leaders and academics to discuss the most relevant corporate governance and global boundary spanning  leadership  topics.

Investment industry tailored solutions

Strategy implementation runs parallel with ROI and IRR interests. As professional board advisers in corporate and organizational governance we work with institutional investors, and private placement / private equity firms in the investment industry, aligning top-down and bottom-up strategies affecting company-specific risk.
Value drivers, innovation opportunities and risks
Intrabond Capital assist companies operating in a specific industry in the value chain. In partnership we endorse the Supply Chain Council  SCOR reference model and management processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return. Our programs support (1) customer interactions, from order entry through paid invoice, (2) product (physical material and service) transactions, from client supplier’s supplier to client's customer’s customer, including equipment, supplies, spare parts, bulk product, software, etc. and (3) market interactions, from the understanding of aggregate demand to the fulfillment of each order.

Jerry van Heerikhuize
"There is no wealth but life"
IT Innovation Evangelist - About Enterprise Architecture, Web Designs and Application Development

Digital Capital Solutions

The interaction between leadership, politics, government effectiveness, institutions and governance structures and their economic outcomes will be crucially important. The management and governance of the global economy that has been in place for the last quarter century is going to need fundamental change.