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Rodria Laline: "Intrabond Capital is a board directorship and strategy execution firm. Our board level focus is on performance, corporate governance, funds and investments, risk management, shareholder and stakeholder management, innovation leadership, and organization and talent management. For decades I worked in the large vertical industry sectors with global operating companies in need of software and R&D funds. This demand was drawing the investor community into agile innovate disruptive technology. Following the trend I founded and legally established in 2006 Intrabond Holdings with the headquarter office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A number of operating companies of the holding company - all called Intrabond Capital - were established: in 2006 an Intrabond Capital office in Amsterdam, in 2010 an Intrabond Capital office in San Francisco and a representation in Shanghai, and in 2011 an office in Hong Kong covering the activities in China, Japan and the Asia Pacific. Alliance partnerships were build in Africa and South-America. Intrabond Capital U.S., until April 22 2012 a full daughter and foreign company of my holdings, became an independent sister company with CEO Donna Hamlin. Although independent, it operates under my holdings headquarter brand. In 2016 she established Boardwise. As may be noticed from our website and the projects mentioned we are active in many countries in many disciplines, one of them, perhaps more noticeable, is at board level a horizontal business in corporate governance and leadership development creating value through effective teams and boards. A portfolio of services which the legal and big4 accounting firms are adding to their client services portfolio".


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"Our firm is in the board governance business for more than 10 years".

 Intrabond Capital services gained momentum since 2006. The teams in corporate governance, board directorship, investment fund governance, innovation leadership, (non-) executive programs, did a tremendous job,

Today the firm's services have been succesfully received by governments as well as leading corporate and legal | big4 advisory firms - including the ones in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the EU and the U.S.


Intrabond Capital is the premier business eco-system for clients in Europe, Asia Pacific and America. Contact us for good board governance and board directorship services in the oil & energy business, the investment fund industry, value retail, banking, telecommunication, infrastructure and real estate.



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Intrabond Capital provides board directorship, provides board directors, and delivers board director programs.

The firm's headquarter office is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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In support, the company provides global services, research and thought leadership on best practices in board governance. Its proprietary tools and assessment services evaluate overall board effectiveness, assess individual and group dynamics and determine the impact of governance on corporate performance over time.

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