"Define strategy as a process (SAAP), fast pivoting processes over four leadership quadrants; the velocity of change affecting the outcome".



Global Markets



Intrabond Economic Mission to Indonesia with Prime-Minister Mark Rutte. Board Governance Seminar in Indonesia with Mr. Suryo Sulisto, f-Chairman KADIN.


Executive Education at the British Deputy High Commissioner's Residence in Lagos Nigeria  (TEXEM, Executive Minds)

Rt. Hon. Mark Simmonds UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for Africa and privy to the Queen, Mr. Clive Carpenter Vice Chair Business Council for Africa, McKinsey Africa and Rodria Laline  - on "Secular Stagnation and Winning Strategies in Tubulent Times" and  "How To Build Innovative Organizations for Sustainable Competitive Advantage".





If corporate governance, continued innovation, the digital transformation, entrepreneurial leadership, speed of technology, and orchestrating business ecosystems have a high material impact to your business, then it is a good time to work with our firm.





HAVEP  > 150 years in business

Workwear and protective clothing

"Cradle-to-cradle cyclical design and responsible investments in the HAVEP business ecosystems" - Rodria Laline, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Van Puijenbroek Textile (Royal HAVEP).



Robert Noice, Brian Howard, Derek Williams

Everyone needs mentors to scale up. My mentors, Mr. Robert Noice♦, (Founder of Intel and Fairchild), Professor Brian J. Howard (Harvard, Oxford University) and Mr. Derek Williams♦, Oracle Corporation Executive Vice President Japan and Asia Pacific Divisions, have undoubtedly helped to scale up Rodria Laline's academic and entrepreneurial paths.




We are engaged in the dynamics of governance, leadership and innovation, creating value through sustainable development goals, digital transformation and intelligent boards..We are in master programs, board programs, invited lectures, incompany training series; and have leadership modules at ASRE, Harvard, THNK, institutional investors, multiple banks, building societies, the centrals banks and more,



VVD Finance Day at Cor Zadelhoff's Estate in the Netherlands. Politicians incl. Gerrit Zalm, Hans Hoogervorst, Jacco Heemskerk, Rodria Laline and Roelof Salomons at the TNF gathering discussing the impact of low interest rates and debt: [above] Mark Harbers, Aukje de Vries, Frans Hellendall and iwein Borm (Chair).