"Define strategy as a process (SAAS), the sum and imprint of fast cycling processes with the speed of change affecting its cycling speed". From this angle, performance and success are sum and imprint of the strategy and change cycles.

Intrabond Capital has operations in Asia, Europe and the U.S. The firm has an international client base.

Sustainable Governance. Rodria Laline on "Secular Stagnation and Winning Strategies in Tubulent Times" at the British Deputy High Commissioner's Residence in Lagos, Nigeria.


If continued innovation, the digital transformation,  speed of technology, and orchestrating business ecosystems have a high material impact to your business, then it is a good time to work with our firm.




"Sustainable investing in CSR, SDG, and ESG within a Services Repository and  Business Ecosystem Oriented Architecture" accelerate change and value (Rodria Laline, Chair Board of Directors of  Royal Havep Textile Industries).


Board Directors


  • For investors a key element of a fund's success is governance and operational due dilligence (ODD).

    • If you need directors overseeing fund governance practices in the fund 

    • If you need independent non-executive directors for your boards

    • If you seek help in building a board of great character

    • And along the way work with AIFMD certified service providers

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We are engaged in the dynamics of governance, leadership and innovation, creating value through sustainable development goals and intelligent boards.

Below, in Dutch:

Economic Mission with PM Mark Rutte

ASRE MRE Master of Real estate

ASRE MRE Master of Real Estate

ASRE MRE Master of Real Estate

Mr. Wilfred Nagel, CRO and ING Bank board member at our Risk Management Day (Dutch language press)